Lizzie's Letter
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Lizzie's Letter


, Amish

In Amish Circle Letters, follow the journey of a series of letters that pass through the Fisher family. As Amish do not use computers or cell phones to communicate, Amish women will often write circle letters, letters that they send to a list of addresses of people that they would like to include in the correspondence. Since they do not have access to photocopiers, the first person on the list will receive the letter, read it, and respond. That person sends both the first letter and their response to the second name on the list. This continues until the entire package of letters goes full-circle, returning to the original sender.

In Volume 5 of the 10 part series, Lizzie's Letter, the family gathers for worship at Leah's home. Mary Ruth senses a break in Menno Yoder's hostility and hopes this signals the beginning of his healing so that she can return home while Melvin and little Katie find that they have a common interest: ponies. Steve finds a way to visit with Mimi Hostetler and finds himself embarrassed that he keeps having to borrow his daed's buggy to court her. Continue the journey of the circle letters through the eyes of Lizzie.

Title:Lizzie's Letter
Edition Language:English
Format Type:ebook

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